My Blog Pile

This is where I write down my thoughts, experiences and opinions on some of the various things I've built, or am currently building. Keep in mind, I'm self-taught in everything I build, so what I've learned has been from hands-on experience, coworkers, books, or the internet mostly. These blog posts are updated as I attempt new cool things. Depending on if this gets popular, I may turn topics into sections with subsection topics detailing specific aspects discussed in each topic.

What features should I add to this blog?

  • Comments section
  • Video Guides
  • Social Media Links
  • Code for sale

What topics would you like to see covered next?

  • Framework Specific topics
  • SEO
  • Game design
  • Discussion of game engine construction
  • Mobile First Design
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Intro guide to code
  • Git and other SVC
  • Compilers
  • Grid and Flex
  • Automating Tasks
  • Command Line/Terminal